Cycle journalism and the social media: anonymity or pseudonymity?

I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy Lindsey’s writing, but on social media, I think Benson has it.

Joe Lindsey and Daniel Benson (via nyvelocity) both shared their views today on the relationship between print and online journalism, and between traditional journalism and blogging. I think the latter has the more balanced and constructive analysis. Benson even singles out for praise some examples of interesting non-mainstream internet sources, including @inrng and @cyclismas; Lindsey is pretty down on twitter and blogging, and even implies that we should be suspicious of @inrng purely based on his “anonymity” (@inrng chooses not to publish under his real name in order to separate it from his real work, both might be compromised otherwise: see his about page). I would encourage you to read both posts (and a sample from the excellent and see if you agree with my opinion. However, @inrng is not anonymous, he is pseudonymous, and this is a signal difference.

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