Favourite Bikes

Volagi Viaje, TRP discs, Ultegra DI2

20160521_100515 (2).jpg

Whyte Suffolk (oof – Compass Tyres and disc brakes)

Merida Scultura

Circe Helios Tandem (20 inch wheels). Ridden by myself and Primo, who bonked about 20 minutes after this shot was taken and had to be force-fed mini donuts. Longest ride together about 40 km including the longest continuous road climb in England which runs from Mytholmroyd (try spelling that when you are drunk) through Cragg Vale to Blackstone Edge Reservoir.

Daniel Salmon 653 road bike, with fluted tubes and incredibly short wheelbase. Equipped with some period Mavic SSC parts, but with modern brakes and sturdy Aksium wheels for those Yorkshire descents and potholes. Picture taken on top of Saddleworth moor, after climbing under the M62.

Bob Jackson audax bike (in need of a respray) a with motley and inappropriate array of parts mainly bought for other bikes that are not currently favoured.


Kinesis Grand Fondo Scandium: comfortable and smart. Taken in my favourite bus shelter next to Hollingworth Lake.

4 thoughts on “Favourite Bikes

  1. hi, I’m looking at getting a circe helios for two up touring with my little fella and solo commuting. I have a rolling 25km commute and currently ride an orbea derio with a nexus 8 hub. it’s heavy, but nicely geared for my run. I average 25km/hr on this bike

    In your opinion, would the helios achieve similar performance to my current bike on my commute? I’d like to use Sturmey Archer XRD8 8spd drum brake hub and an X-FDD Dyno Drum hub

  2. Love the Bob Jackson.

    What is the black stem you have fitted? Would love to have similar.

    BTW – I enjoyed the blog. Full of interesting musing on all this cycling.

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