Bike Wash

  1. Fill bowl with warm water and washing up liquid
  2. Take outside with large and small sponges, kitchen towel, chain lube, GT85
  3. Wash bike with lots of soapy water and large sponge from top  to bottom including wheels and especially pedals
  4. Use small sponge/brush for tricky bits
  5. Empty dirty water down drain
  6. Fill bowl with clean water from tap
  7. Rinse bike thoroughly
  8. Repeat as necessary
  9. Dry/polish/rub bike and especially chain with kitchen towel (also removes greasy bits nicely with a rub)
  10. Apply cháin lube to chain following instructions on bottle
  11. Spray pedals and gear cable adjusters with GT85, wipe away excess with kitchen towel
  12. (Apply a very little lube to pivot points on derailleurs)

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