Why am I an anti-social cyclist?

Cycling is a social sport, yet like music, it attracts some fairly anti-social characters. I love people, but my borderline social anxiety (or misanthropy according to some) has made my cycling life rather lonely: I do like the monastic solitude of cycling on my own, but I wonder whether this is entirely healthy. Answers on a postcard, or do comment if you will…


10 Responses to Why am I an anti-social cyclist?

  1. Who are these people calling you a misanthrope? I’ll come after them with a rusty rake.

  2. Renee says:

    Isn’t that just the thing though – getting away from a bustling life and having some time alone with your thoughts?

  3. Exactly. The bike is a great instrument for switching off the brain and withdrawing into a place of great inner serenity. Which is spoiled if you’re with someone who’s chasing their next Strava KOM. B*stards.

  4. Sheree says:

    To be honest I much prefer cycling on my own. Go when, where and how I want. Answerable to no one. Freedom of the road.

  5. Having been a Clubman a good few years, I have recently done quite a few rides solo and despite initial trepidation went on to enjoy them. Think it will be a mix in the future.

  6. […] the pace as she tries to keep the bunch, while CYCLISMESPANDELLES, in a few words, admits to being an anti-social cyclist. Came across this awesome video, a positive manifesto on living based on cycling. Happy Cycling […]

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